TEL Turbocharger

TEL Turbocharger


TEL has been able to achieve customer satisfaction by being able to provide products and services of high quality at globally competitive prices.

The company is engaged in manufacture of turbochargers as well as parts of turbocharger. The products of the company find application in automobile, industrial and marine segments. The Company is a Part of TVS Group.

Its turbine shaft is connected to a compressor, which draws in combustion air, compresses it, and then supplies it to the engine. The increased air supply enables more fuel to be burnt; hence the engine develops higher power. Increased air availability improves combustion of fuel, thus leading to lower fuel consumption and less emission.

The advantages of modern turbocharged engine, compared to naturally aspirated engines of identical power output are as follows:

  • Better power and torque characteristics
  • Lower emission
  • Lower weight and a smaller engine package
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower engine noise
  • Reduced power loss at high altitude

As a result, turbochargers contribute significantly to the protection of the environment and the better utilization of energy resources.


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