ZF Transmission

ZF Transmission

ZF Services does not rebuild, but re manufactures transmissions. Through incorporating the latest modifications and updates to the re manufacturing process, a ZF re manufactured transmission leaves your vehicle feeling better than new.

ZF remanufactured transmissions come ready to install with an included torque converter and filled with ZF-LifeGuardFluid. Each transmission is dyno-tested to ensure OE standards. This operation warrants faster turnaround for the shops and a shorter downtime for end consumers.

As with all ZF brand parts, ZF Services Transmission Hard Parts are manufactured to the highest quality OE standards.

All parts are tested to ensure proper tolerances. They are manufactured on the same machines as OE installed parts. Hard parts are consistently monitored for any needed engineering updates to ensure market needs.

ZF Services Transmission Kits are all packaged with OE components that are designed particularly for the designated transmission family they are manufactured for. Each kit is backed by ZF brand quality and by OE engineering.

Every part is tested for proper tolerances to match industry standards. Each kit is designed and run on the same machines that OE installed parts are manufactured on.

ZF Services also offers many supporting fluid products for ZF transmissions. With a full line of hard parts and oil kits for the range of ZF transmissions, ZF Services can meet customers’ needs with all required parts.


We are an authorized dealers of ZF Transmission in Central India.